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We are Ruth and Steve, and we have three children (Theo, Harry and Sam). We live near Dunecht in Aberdeenshire, Scotland with our four Newfoundlands Bea, Nell, Blossom and Lilly.

We enjoy lots of activities with our Newfoundlands including; Breed Showing, Water Work and Competitive Obedience. But our greatest joy comes simply from having our big, beautiful girls, as part of our family.

Water work aberdeenshire Walking at Dunecht, Aberdeenshire, Scotland Having a hug with the Girls

 Our Ethos

We are absolutely devoted to our Newfoundland dogs. We are definitely owned by them! They live as part of our family and get lots of attention and lovely days out with us.

We believe that their legendary temperament is paramount. Their gentle and affectionate nature makes the breed so very special. We also prioritise health and excellence of type and conformation. 

We have imported bloodlines from Hungary (Midnight Lady's) and Slovakia (King of Helluland), from what we believe are among the best Newfoundland kennels in the world.

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Ruth with Nora and Lilly

Please contact us on ruthcowell25@gmail.com  or  07989251010