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Competitive Obedience is usually the domain of collies but our Newfoundlands have a talent for it!

Our love of this sport started when we entered a National Competition, called  the 'Good Citizen Special Pre Beginner Stakes', with heats across the country. The competition is run by the Kennel Club and it is set up to encourage dogs and handlers that have participated in the Good Citizen Scheme (Nora had already been awarded the Bronze, Silver and Gold Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards) to try Competitive Obedience. Nora won the class and gained a place in the semi finals. 

We qualifed for the final held at Crufts 2013 and we have been hooked on Competitive Obedience ever since!

Nora was selected for the Scottish Inter Regional Obedience Team for Crufts 2014. As far as we know, she is the first Newfoundland ever to be selected for this team!

Nora Crufts 2014, representing Scotland on the obedience team Nora Crufts 2014 Lilly Retrieve ACTS 2014, aberdeen Scotland

As part of the Scottish Team we won our individual class at Crufts 2014. If you would like to see our round at Crufts please click here  

Last year Nora won a Novice Competitive Obedience Class, in a class of 59 entries! (You can see her in the picture below, at the top of the line up, in front of all of the collies!)

 Nora winning Novice at ATCS, Aberdeen Scotland

Lilly loves training and has placed second and a first in the two Beginner classes we entered last season. She won the Diamond Jubilee shield 2015, an Aberdeen canine Training Club trophy for best beginner competitive obedience dog.

Bea passed her Bronze Good Citizen Test at just 7 months old! And we are sure that she is set to follow in Nora and Lilly's paw prints! She loves competitive obedience training, especially all the treats!



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Ruth with Nora and Lilly


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