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We are delighted to announce

that our puppies have arrived!

If you would like to be considered to go on our waiting list please contact us. We are however very busy at the moment but we'll get back to you as soon as things  quiten down.

For updates go to our facebook page where we will be posting lots of updates.

our lovely cuddley puppies at one week old (taken on 4/5/19)


Puppies one week old

miss pink 1 week old

Puppies are ocassionally available to permenant loving homes. please get in touch if you would like to be considered for our waiting list and for any help and advice. For some more information about being owned by a newfoundland please scroll to the bottom of this page,

 We ocassionally know of young or adult newfoundlands that owners are having to rehome.

Here are some pictures of our Beautiful Puppies (Bea x Yogi) 2017.

Our Newfoundland puppies


Newfoundland Puppy and Mum


Newfoundland Puppy Chewing



Our Beautiful (BeaxTruman) Puppies (8 weeks old) from 2016

Beax Truman puppies (8 weeks old)


Just like our facebook page for lots of photos and updates about this litter, and of course our lovely Nell (aka Miss pink), who we are delighted to announce, is staying as part of our family.


Nell aka Miss Pink (8 weeks Old)

Miss pink (8 weeks old)


Considering your first Newfoundland?

 8 week old Newfoundland puppies are adorable but they quickly grow into very big, 8-12 stone, Newfoundland dogs! We hope that you do lots of research before you decide that a Newfoundland is right for your 'family' and lifestyle.


 8 week old Newfoundland puppy (Bea)       2 year old Newfoundland (Nora)


The information below gives you an idea what to expect. But we believe it can be very helpful for you to experience what it is really like to live with a Newfoundland, before deciding if it is the breed for you. We would be happy to arrange for you to visit us.


Please feel free to contact us for more information and advise or to be considered for our waiting list.


Newfoundlands are:

Very hairy (regular grooming is essential), sometimes slobbery, big and heavy (which can make them clumsy). Demanding of your time and attention. Unhappy when left alone (so if you work full time or lead a  busy life this is definately not the breed for you).


An absolute joy to the lives of those people daft enough to be devoted to them. Be warned they are addictive and many people end up having more than one!


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Ruth with Nora and Lilly

Please contact us on ruthcowell25@gmail.com  or  07989251010